Areas of activity

The activity of the Bronisław Komorowski Institute focuses on three fields: Europe and the world, Security, Economy.

Europe and the world

The Bronisław Komorowski Institute participates in European and transatlantic debate. The European Union will have to face a series of challenges, starting from a declining trust in the European project, immigrants, economic slowdown or British hesitation over its EU membership. The Institute is a place of open debate on the future of the European project and on the Polish role in this process, also in the global context.


In the face of current military and non-military threats, the Bronisław Komorowski Institute champions state-of-the-art solutions aimed at ensuring broadly understood security of the country.



The activities of the Bronisław Komorowski Institute focus on supporting enterprises in becoming competitive in Europe and worldwide. In this area, the Foundation is particularly interested in the challenges facing the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises, including in terms of international cooperation.


The activity of the Bronisław Komorowski Institute

The activity of the Institute includes organisation of seminars and conferences both in Poland and abroad, as well as publication of studies and reports.